New projects/collaborations/music

So, I've been putting off writing this update for a long time because I've been HELLA busy lately. There are a lot of new things happening on my end including some performances, new commissions, new collaborations, and new records! I'll try to keep this short and sweet.

First up, I've got a couple of performances coming up before the end of the year. On November 3, the Illinois Modern Ensemble will be premiering my piece Nothing Stays; Nothing Changes for fifteen musicians at the University of Illinois. Writing a sinfonietta piece was challenging but I am happy to have the opportunity to write for such killer musicians. The following week on November 11, Jonathan Thompson will be premiering my new oboe and guitar duo, Elegía Interrumpida, at the University of North Texas. Last year I had the pleasure of writing a piece for Jonathan called Triptych for oboe and marimba. This new piece was actually our first planned collaboration, and I hope there are many more in the future. Jonathan is always such a joy to work with because he really cares about the process and is always excited to be a part of something new.

Also recently finished was a vocal piece, called Sleep Doesn't Help, commissioned by Megan Ihnen for her wordless lullabies project. My piece combines solo voice and electronics by utilizing looped segments of recorded voice along with other samples to create a multilayered cloud of vocalizations. Be on the look out for her subsequent recording of all of the pieces she has commissioned for this project.

Currently on my desk is a piece in progress also for Megan and her trio Seen/Heard. I am setting two poems, Oil Islands and Signal Hill, by my good friend (and amazing writer), Jeremy de la Rosa. These two poems deal with the relation between specific locations and nostalgia with very vivid language. Jeremy is one of my favorite people and I am so grateful to have the chance to collaborate with him in such an open way. His writing challenges me in ways that force me to discover new things about myself I had never noticed before. Be on the lookout for future projects between the two of us! (And if you're a vocalist, commission pieces from me because there are a lot of his poems I am DYING to set to music!!)

Also on my ever-growing list of things I need to write are a few new collaborations including a piece for my favorite new ensemble, F-Plus, and a piece for the amazing percussionist, Victor Pons, for drum set and electronics. Both of these pieces make me giddy because all of the people involved are the absolute best people and it will be enlightening to work with them.

A record I produced last year was recently released. Working with Mickey Matta on Insult to Injury was an exciting challenge. I approached all of these songs in new ways than I ever had before, and the end result was killer. These songs are all bangers for sure, and we couldn't have done it without Phillip Odom manning the board! Also, released over the summer was my collaboration with A/B Duo. I don't need to reiterate how much I love those two, just go read my blog about it. Here's to hoping we get to do more in the future!

On the topic of new records, I have a new solo EP coming out VERY soon. It will be a record of electronic pieces both old and new. It's been awhile since I've released a record personally, and I am dedicated to getting back into a routine of recording and releasing records of my own. This record should be out by the end of September along with some cool collaborations with friends to mark this momentous occasion!! (Just humor me.)

I hope I didn't forget anybody, but I'm sure I will have more to update soon anyway. Ciao, y'all.