White Wash

for Electric Guitar, Percussion, Piano, and Double Bass (all amplified)
15-20 minutes

Premiered at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; March 30, 2018.
To purchase score, please contact me.

About the work:
My perception of being a composer has shifted over the past few years. Rather than attempting to be all-knowing and all-controlling, I am eager to channel my work through the musicians I collaborate with. With WHITE WASH, I sought to deviate from the traditional approach of the blank page as a canvas, and instead looked to create a sonic canvas with which to create upon. The performers in the piece create similar sounds which are layered to create a new meta-sound. This is then subverted by contrasting techniques and elements. Although the piece has a definite structure and concrete materials, many parameters of the sound being produced is left up to the performer to decide in the moment. Divided into three sections, WHITE WASH unfolds in waves of textures and dynamics with each section possessing a unique sonic quality that is explored. Ultimately, what is produced is much like chaos, albeit, controlled.