Eternal Fields

for Viola, Percussion, and Piano
9-10 minutes

Commissioned and premiered by MAPS Trio on February 14, 2016.
To purchase parts and score, please contact me.

About the Work:
In the summer of 2014 I was involved in a project that required me to spend many days outdoors among the plains of West-Central Texas. Having grown up in Texas, I never much cared for the spacious setting of the plains. They felt cold and unwelcoming. But this particular Summer I saw something different. These golden plains no longer felt so empty and lonely, but rather warm and inviting. You could stare out for miles and see no trees whatsoever, but the fields were alive as they danced among the breeze and radiated light from the sun’s rays. The more time I spent staring into the vast space of these fields, I began to hear nature come to life. Every so often I could hear the faint sound of wind chimes cascading in the breeze from someone’s front porch. In this piece, I use the backdrop of empty fields to represent the inner struggle of maintaining one's faith. With no material anchor to latch onto, faith can be much like the desolate fields of West Texas. It takes a new perspective to see the beauty in nothing.