Large Ensemble

Nothing Stays; Nothing Changes (2017)
for Fifteen Musicians

Elegy for Strings (2012)
for String Orchestra

Chamber Music (2 or more players)

For Each Inch Cut (in progress)
for Solo Flute and Piano

CRINGE (2018)
for Oboe and Clarinet in Bb

WHITE WASH (2017-18)
for Electric Guitar, Piano, Percussion, Double Bass

I'm Sorry, I'm Really Sorry (2018)
for Violin, Bass Clarinet, Vibraphone

Elegía Interrumpida (2017)
for Oboe and Classical Guitar

Push Process (2017)
for Flute, Clarinet in Bb, Piano

Desperate for Context (2016)
for Electric Guitar, Bass Clarinet, Percussion, Piano, Cello, Double Bass

Triptych (2016)
for Oboe and Marimba

re:Write (2016)
for Flute, Percussion, Electronics

Dark Water (2015)
for Violin, Clarinet, Cello, Piano

Eternal Fields (2015)
for Viola, Percussion, Piano, Fixed Media

chamber music (solo)

DRY ROT (in progress)
for Solo Flute

Trying to Not Lose Myself (in progress)
for Drum Set and Electronics

the empty space that rattles in between (2019)
for Solo Trombone and Electronics

Sleep Doesn't Help (2017)
for Solo Voice and Electronics

Highways (2015)
for Solo Flute with glissando headjoint

Choral/Vocal Music

Oil Islands (in progress)
for Mezzo-soprano, Alto Sax, Electronics

Last War Game I Ever Played (2017)
for Voice and Piano

Briarwood (2017)
for Voice and Piano

The Greatest of Them (2016)
for SATB Choir & Piano

not knowing when the dawn will come (2015) 
for SSAATTBB Choir

Three Texts by Elizabeth Barrett Browning (2014)
for Mezzo-Soprano & Piano

In Midnight Sleep (2014)
for SATB Choir with divisi

O Vos Omnes (2014)
for SATB Choir with divisi

Ubi Caritas et Amor (2014)
for SATB Choir with divisi

Agnus Dei (2013)
for SATB Choir with divisi