String Quartet No. 1 - "Wormwood"

for string quartet
duration: 15 minutes

Premiered by Robert Colley, Jesenia Navejas, Chris Cundiff, and Zack O'Bosky.
Contact me for a score/parts.

About the work:
My first string quartet, 'Wormwood', is derived from a song I wrote of the same name for my band Close Your Eyes. The music is very dear and personal to me. It represents a period of struggle within my life, and also those around me at the time.

The entire quartet is sort of cyclic in form, by returning to the opening motive at the end of the entire work. So too ends the song 'Wormwood', with the pleading text "Is there any hope left for me?" Wormwood takes musical and emotive themes from the original song, and transforms them into expansive musical ideas.